A bit of geekery for the day

I’ve read most of the novels, I’ve played the game…now I can’t wait to watch the MOVIE.

World of Warcraft The Movie – sidebar – CLANCY FUCKING BROWN AS Blackhand…let that sink in. Here’s a decent overview of what’s to come –

By KingS (Youtube)

and a leak of some footage (the footage is potato quality, but there you have it) –

Blizzard is also releasing a new expansion – earlier than the normal time frame. World of Warcraft: Legion – it may even convince my husband to resub…ILLIDAN!!!

Guild Wars 2 has an expansion coming out…maybe it’s time for me to get back into playing it?

Here’s Wooden Potatoes overview of Heart of Thrones (I’m kind of posting it here so I can remember where to find it…) –

In a nut shell – my two favourite games…vying for everyone’s attention. WoW always seems to be the front runner, let’s hope Blizzard makes this one better than the last few expansions. Mind you, I do enjoy the garrison from Warlords of Draenor. GW2 for me has been stagnant for months. I know they have the living storyline and all that. But I’m a casual player. I like to log into the game and know where the heck I am and what I’m doing. Time to head back to Lion’s Arch and see the new look (hubby told me it’s rebuilt).